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In 2008 “Guytek Oliva” Ltd. successfully implemented an investment project, that was financially supported by the PHARE – Procedure “Improving the competitiveness of Bulgarian enterprises.” The european funds helped the company to purchase the equipment and to start the production of eco-briquettes from sunflower husks. Briquettes from sunflower husks have high calorific value, release no smell and a very small quantity of ash when burning. Among the advantages of this type of briquettes is that they are clean and do not pollute the air during combustion.



In 2010 the company also acquired a modern fully automatic bottling line with a capacity of 3,000 bottles / hour.


Did you know…
  • Quality sunflower oil:
  • - is very clean and shiny;
  • - is equally good for frying, cooking or salads;
  • - has no odor;
  • - has a pleasant taste;
  • - doesn't smoke when heated;
  • - withstands temperatures up to over 200°С;